Can you play by yourself in Shadowlands Legion raids?

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But before I pack my desk metaphorically and go I'd like you to know that it's not always as simple as just walking into a room and soloing everything.

Yes, you're able to solo Legion raids and Blizzard has even updated its Legacy Loot system so that Legion raids are using it. Also, despite the Shadowlands class changes and the new level squish, most of these raids remain fairly soloable, with some notable exceptions. It depends on the class you play and spec, you may be better at soloing, but at least until Tomb Of Sargeras I'd suggest there's nothing you cannot solo in Legion raids.

But before I pack my desk metaphorically and go I'd like you to know that it's not always as simple as just walking into a room and soloing everything. Some fights can be difficult to conquer due to mechanics or the outgoing damage could be quite high, or both. Much depends on your class and spec and, frankly, how much work and energy you're willing commit in the event that you're looking to play a quick adventure where you can stomp everything flat, Legion raids may still be a little out of this realm, however the higher your level, the more flexible they'll be.

The patch 9.0.1 added the level-squish, and this did have an impact on what you can and can't do however, it's not as drastic as I'd expected -- I've gotten up to ToS and managed to do it fairly decently. You might want to bring a companion for a visit to Antorus and to the Burning Throne, if you're in search of mog gear prior to Shadowlands drops.

But for now, here's the information you should know about the soloing Legion raids.

If you decide to go it be on your own

Certain specs are more adept in soloing than other. Tank specs, particularly those with a lot of on-demand mitigation or self-healing as well as some solid burst DPS, are very strong for soloing. So are DPS specifications that can provide solid healing or absorb some damage when needed. It is also possible to modify your Azerite abilities to boost their mitigation to damage. Gemhide comes to mind here, as does Resounding Protection But if your Holy Priest is on the list, you might want to think about switching to Shadow or Disc to take on some battles. It's different on a case-by case basis. The most crucial advice I can offer you is particularly if you've never attempted this content for whatever reason, is to research the process. A fight can require an immense amount of DPS, or some serious mitigation in order to go through an entire phase. You have to be aware before going into. Kil'jaeden is still a hard fight, and you should not just ignore what he dishes out. It's the same during the pre-Shadowlands era, when you're at level 50, it will likely become easier as we reach 60.

The first thing to remember while running these raids is that there are multiple difficulty levels available to you. Each of the Legion raids are available in LFR Normal, Heroic, and Mythic challenges, and you'll be able to run all four of them in an entire week. If there's a particular gear look you're looking for that happens to be shared among them be aware of that. The reality is that equipment is pretty diverseit's the Mythic appearance of any piece of gear is likely to be quite different, with an added color and even adding complexity to the item's overall appearance. For instance, the class sets dropped from the Tomb of Sargeras look very different on Mythic as well, so if you're farming the more restrained looks, you'll have to restrict yourself to either Normal or Heroic.

Fight mechanics can often still be challenging

One fight that's super annoying one of the most annoying fights is Odyn during the Trial of Valor raid. The raid begins and you'll encounter Hymdall and Hyrja with this irritating damage shield when they're near each other. Since you're alone, they stand right between them and the only method to break them apart is to wait until one starts casting their big frustrating spell. Make use of every ability which covers a significant distance in order to go to the other side of the room in order to be able to cause damage and end up killing one of them before the other finishes casting and runs off over. It's painful when this doesn't work, and keeps you locked into that first stage of the fight. The fight can be done solo -I've been there -but if you're unable to stay apart long enough to burn either one down, it could be extremely painful. Odyn himself is much easier than his two person warm-up show. In both Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold are relatively easy to solo, with some fights slightly difficult, but not overly difficult.

In general, any fight that has a shrewd mechanic can be challenging to master. It's no exception with the Demonic Inquisition encounter in Tomb of Sargeras is soloable, and once you've become accustomed to managing it with the Unbearable Torment and knowing when to confess the Inquisition, it's not too difficult, however it has a steep process of learning and you'll not likely be able to steamroll them dead prior to it being played yet. Another boss I've had trouble with -- in that I'm still not able to solo it -- is Aggramar from the Antorus raid. I know people who have done it, and I'm sure it's possible however, I haven't yet managed it yet. I've managed it with 2 friends, but it's my personal best for Arms and Fury Warriors -I'm in the process of setting up an Prot Set to give it a more solid attempt soon.

For instance you're trying to complete your Balance of Power questline? It's not only soloable but it's also soloable throughout Battle for Azeroth -- Nighthold has a few fights which aren't easy but you'll be able to complete the entire raids each week. Gul'dan isn't an extremely difficult battle to complete for most classes, especially when you've reached the ilevel of 66. Once you're in or near to the standard Ny'alotha gearit's simple to complete. This is, in terms pre-Shadowlands. It is possible to play Balance of Power right now.

Those little details still matter

It's embarrassing, make sure you can make it to the raids. Argus requires that you unlock a quest chain If you haven't completed the chain you'll need to complete it before you get to the entry point of Antorus. My Lighforged has found that out the hard way. Also, if you want to go LFR difficulties it isn't as easy to go to the game and set the difficulty to LFR like you would use for Normal, Heroic and Mythic -- you have to locate Archmage Timear in Legion's version Dalaran, as seen above. He'll direct you to the part of the LFR you want.

That's right, if wanted to dive into Legion raids for some time now or because they're carrying Legacy Loot now, or for older achievements or quests like Balance of Power, it's doable. Think about how it felt to go through Hellfire Citadel at the end of Legion, and you're about the same level of difficulty. It's difficult enough that it won't be an easy sleepwalk, but certainly within your capabilities. A few Antorus combats will be much easier when you have a partner or two -- I'd prefer to have a small group of players for Mythic Antorus or Tomb of Sargeras. But doable. Definitely go ahead and dip your toes in.